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RAMAYANA- AN EPIC History To Remember


let’s do some fun reading with this beautiful tune!

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We would like to introduce Ramayana with the following bhajan, which will give you the essence, why it is important to understand RAMAYANA. (Well, this bhajan is very special to me!)

हमें निज धर्म की शिक्षा सिखाती नित्य रामायण । कपट छल छन्द से बचना बताती हमको रामायण ॥ कपट संसार सागर से जो होना पार तुम चाहो । त्याग कर मोह और माया पढ़ो तुम नित्य रामायण ॥ ह्रदय मन्दिर के भीतर जिनके है कुछ ज्ञान औ भक्ति । उन्हें सदमार्ग की शिक्षा सिखाती नित्य रामायण ॥ पिता माता व भ्राता में बढ़े नित प्रेम की धारा । यही है सार दुनियाँ में बताती जो कि रामायण ॥ दीन दुखियों की सेवा में लगाना अपने धन मन का । करना निज देश की सेवा बताती हमको रमायण ।। बनाकर दास तुलसी ने किया उपकार दुनियाँ का । ह्रदय में प्रेम की धारा बहाती नित्य रामायण ॥ करें विनती यह गोवर्दृन पढ़ो नित प्रेम से इसको । प्रेम भक्ति का सागर है, अनूठा ग्रन्थ रामायण ॥

Confirmed! Iconic show Ramayana to return on TV - Times of India

As we all know that, the lock-down period is going on, and all of us can feel the heat and frustration of it. The whole world is fighting against the pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, a very good initiative was taken by the DoorDarshan Telecasting group on March 28, to re-telecast the great mythological series: RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATA; including the famous old serials BYOMKESH BAKSHI, SHAKTIMAN and CIRCUS.

Although, here we’re gonna talk a little about the story of RAMAYANA, but mainly about it’s characters and the extract-able values from them. So, this story was first scripted by RAMANAND SAGAR in 1987 and telecasted on DD National television, and had 78 episodes it’s whole season. This was the most expensive TV show produced during the time with a budget ₹9 Lakhs per episode, and went popular so madly that the series had a viewership of 82 per cent, a record high for any Indian television series. RAMAYANA notably broke viewership for any Indian television series during that time. It was telecasted in 55 countries and at a total viewership of 650 million, it became the highest watched Indian television series by a distance!

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It starred ARUN GOVIL(as RAM), DEEPIKA CHIKHALIA(as SITA) and SUNIL LAHRI(as LAKSHMAN). A short summary of the story is presented as follows : The series follows the journey of RAM who goes to an exile of 14 years along with SITA and LAKSHMAN, which was given by RAM’s father DASHRATH(king of Ayodhya) due to the promise that DASHRATH did to RAM’S step-mother KAIKEYI. During these 14 years, RAM comes to know about RAVANA(Lankesh); who had kidnapped his wife SITA, but RAVANA didn’t knew that this would be the end of his ‘Samrajya’ and himself.

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This urged RAM to attack the kingdom of RAVANA; which he did with the help of his friend SUGREEVA and his ‘Vanar Sena’, whose main fighter was HANUMAN, and he was a great devotee of LORD RAM. The whole army fought with the demons of RAVANA with the help of RAM, and the brother of RAVANA- VIBHISHANA, who knew all the secrets of all the demons. They killed great warriors like MEGHNATH, KUMBHKARANA and the other demons visciously. Although RAVANA had 10 Torsos, but he was killed by shoting him in his Navel, as suggested by VIBHISHANA.

Ramayan" Lord Ram kills Demon Ravan (TV Episode 1988) - IMDb

After the death of RAVANA, the end of the series is done with RAM giving the kingdom to VIBHEESHAN, and he along with SITA, LAXMAN and HANUMAN went to Ayodhya in the ‘PUSHPAK VIMAAN’, to meet RAM’s dearest brother BHARAT, who was eagerlessely waiting for him to come.

Now comes the main part of this article. Here, we will enlist the values that can be extracted from the main characters of the RAMAYANA, so that you can learn some morals and ethical values from it, making your Lock-down period more effective. (which is our main aim)

Books you can refer to.

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  1. शुद्ध आचरण (Pure Behaviour).
  2. माता पिता का सम्मान (Parental Honor).
  3. गुरु का आदर (Respect of the Master).
  4. धैर्य (Patience).
  5. किस्मत को अपनाना (Adopt Luck)


  1. साफदिली (Open Hearted)
  2. कृतज्ञता (Gratitude)
  3. पतिव्रता (Trusted Wife)
  4. प्रकृति प्रेमी (Nature Lover)
  5. शांत स्वभावी (Cool Tempered)


  1. भाई राम के प्रति अपार श्रद्धा (Immense Reverence for brother Ram)
  2. महान योद्धा (Great Warrior)
  3. हर चीज के प्रति वफादार (Loyal towards everything)
  4. मजबूत स्वभाव (Strong nature)
  5. सोने का दिल (Heart of Gold)


  1. बौद्धिक और विद्वान (Intellectual and Scholar)
  2. भगवान शिव के भक्त (Devotee of Lord Shiva)
  3. महिलाओं के प्रति जुनूनी (Obsessed towards Women)
  4. अभिमानी (Arrogant)
  5. अपराजेय (Unbeatable)


  1. स्वामी राम के महान भक्त (Great devotee of lord Ram)
  2. अहंकारहीन व्यक्ति (Egoless Person)
  3. तीनो वेद के ज्ञाता (knowledge of three Vedas)
  4. निस्सवार्थता (Selflessness)
  5. महान मनोवैज्ञानिक (Great Psychologist)


  1. नीतिवान व्यक्ति (Moral Person)
  2. बुद्धिमान (Intelligent)
  3. सात्विक गुणवत्ता (Moral quality)
  4. महान भक्ति (Great Devotee)
  5. न्याय परायण (Righteous)

Adopt these qualities in yourself also

checkout the books below

Well, thanks for joining us till the end, HOPE YOU ENJOYED!



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