C Programming | Character Strings

Here is a brief note on character strings in C programming. All you need to know to handle strings in C language.

A Comprehensive Guide of Financial Tips

As we head towards the global recession in 2020, we find it vastly difficult to manage our finance.Furthermore, its now extremely laborious to become financially stronger. This article shares some valuable tips about how to manage our finance and how we should avoid some common mistakes done by the people to our journey of managing our own finance.

iPhone SE (2020) is it worth the price?

Apple Inc. launched 2nd generation of budget iPhone SE series. It was launched in India on April 15th , 2020 with a price tag of ₹42,500. By launching a phone in this price range Apple’s intentions are clear, they want to take on their rivals like Samsung and other companies who are currently have a good customer base in this price range head on.