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Make a Good Habit or Get Rid of Bad Habit

“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”

Our future depends on how do we work today. If you are doing more hard work than your current qualification , then in future you would become the guy with the more qualification than you are in current. And it all matters on our habit. Somebody rightly says that “You are today is the product of your past habits”,and “What you are in the future is the product of your today’s habit” . So our habit matters a lot for us.

Now the vital question arises is how can we change our habit? How can we get rid of bad habits? and how can we make a new good habits?. So here are some steps:


  • Start with a small steps : We have seen many people who take a new year resolution and do the habit for two or three days and after then they are unable to get time for their resolution and after a month they forget about their resolution and leave a habit. Instead this we should start with small steps. For example, If you want to make a habit of reading book for one hour,you should take a resolution that daily you would atleast read one line of the book. By this you would soon make a habit of one hour reading book within a months or two months.
  • Start a day with a habit : When we wake up in the morning our energy is at highest peak. At that time we can easily complete our difficult to difficult work. And there is very little chance for us to forget to complete new habit.
  • Temptation Building : It is very excellent process to make a habit. In this , we have to do our tempted work (which are more interesting for us) after completing our new habit. For example, if we want to make a habit of reading a book, and we know that we like to see Instagram post daily for 30 minutes. So we have to disciplined ourselves to see Instagram post after reading a book. You like to see Instagram post as per, you can easily ready to read book for that.
  • Habit Stacking : This process proves to be outstanding process to make a new habit.In this we have to see a key habit which we daily do and after that we have to do our new habit.For example, you can decide that , after completing your lunch you will write an article (if you want to add a new habit of writing daily) , in this what happen each time you complete your lunch you remember to do your writing work and in this , you will require the least will power. So you see that make a new habit will be easy for you.
  • Reward : This is very essential part in following your habit. What it means is, after you complete your daily habit, you should be awarded by some reward. Because our mind release dopamine if it gets reward what you want. And next time you feel more enthusiasm to follow your habit. But make sure that reward would be something which motivates you to follow your habit.
  • Don’t break the chain : You can buy calendar from the market or download the app for habit tracker,(example goal tracker (link is id=info.intrasoft.habitgoaltracker&hl=en) ), which provides you an account with many habits in an app, in which everyday when you complete your habit ,you point the tick mark on that day and you have to follow don’t break the chain rule which says in any condition chain should not be break (if any condition chain breaks, then after 5 repeated tick after the cross you change the cross into tick mark , so that you do not lose your motivation.
  • Persistence and patience : You require to have persistence and patience in order to make a habit. In the beginning of starting of habit you feel tired or sometimes not motivated to follow your habit. For this you can make a monthly plan, if you think that you have to follow that habit atleast for one month then you does not feel that much of difficulty.

Now we had already talk about making of good habit but sometimes it is necessary for us to break our bad habits. And break of bad habits is much more important than making of good habit. So let’s talk about some steps.


  • Reason : there is always a reason of why we do that work ? If you have the habit of watching TV there is always a reason what conditions make you to watch TV? Why you can’t control yourself to watch TV. But if you get that reason, life would be more easier for you and changing habit is much more easier for you than before knowing reason.
  • Break in a small meal : Many times, people desire to break their bad habits as quickly as possible. Therefore they plan a very difficult task which is very tough to follow daily that is why, in one or two days they lose to break their habit and then they complain about that they can’t break their habits. For example, if someone wants to break his/her habit of watching TV , so he/she does not make a plan like such that “I will not watch TV from now onwards “, because it is very difficult to break habit of watching TV completely in a day. First you should try not to watch TV for one day, then for your two hour of precious moment of TV, and then for three days and little by little you can break your worst habit.
  • Planning : Sometimes it happens that we desirely thought to break habits but in some moments we can’t stop us in order to do our habits. So you have to pre-plan about this already about if these type of situation comes in front of you how do you tackle.
  • Punishment : Improvement is lonely without the punishment so in order to break habit, punishment is necessary. Now what you should do is, whenever you unable to leave your habit, you should be given a punishment so that you think before doing your bad habit. For example, at any instant you watch TV, you have to give you a punishment so that next time when you try to watch TV, you remember your punishment. You can give someone this responsibility to give you a punishment or you can give self punishment.
  • Reward : Reward and punishment are enemy which always comes together. If there is punishment for not completing the task then, there will also be reward for repeated completion of task. So when you complete 5 days of breaking the habit then you can give you reward for that achievement. Reward can be anything which motivates you.
  • Replace : When you try to change your habits, problems always comes. Sometimes you face difficulties to control yourself to stop you from doing your bad habit. Then instead of suppressing your thoughts, you should replace the habit with some other work which gives you same satisfaction which your bad habit gives. If you this, you comfortably change your habit without any difficulty.
  • Writing : This can be good trick to go into your sub-conscious mind. And as you all know that our habit is nothing more than the action of our subconscious mind. So if you write 2-3 times daily about your breaking of habit. Then when you tend to do your bad habit you realize about your resolution because you yourself written it on paper so it goes deep into your mind.
  • Think about your life goal : If you daily think about your life goal why you want to change your habit, you got more motivation to change your habits. And then breaking habit is not that difficult task.

There are some basic points which help you in both cases whether it is in making of habit or breaking of habit. Even if you don’t want to make or break habit these are important for you to do daily.

  • Meditation : Research have proven that the person who do meditation daily, has better control and discipline on their mind. That is why, it is essential to do this daily.
  • Remind your goal daily : You should remind yourself your goal daily when you wake up in the morning. By this it is easy for you to fulfill your desire and commitment easily.

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