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This global pandemic have brought enormous difficulties in our lives, but here is the good news for those who wants to learn about various computer courses. Now, edX is providing free online courses to everyone until the COVID19 situation is solved. You can take free online coding courses to build your skills and advance your career. Here you will learn to code with computer coding classes from top universities and institutions like Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So, whom you are waiting for? Join today.

This is the list of free courses available on edX related to computer field Android Development | Apache Spark | Automation | Azure | App Development  |AWS | Blender Tutorial | Blockchain Courses | Bootstrap | C Programming | C++ | C# |Chatbots  |CSS  | Coding Bootcamps | Computer Architecture | Computer Engineering | Cybersecurity Courses | DevOps | Docker | Dynamic Programming | Embedded Systems | Fintech | HTML | IBM Watson | Internet of Things | Internet of Things | Learn Java | Learn JavaScript | jQuery | Machine Learning Courses | Natural Language Processing | .NET | NoSQL | PowerShell | Python | PyTorch | Quantum Computing | ReactJS | React Native | R Programming | Scala | Scratch Programming | Software Testing | Swift | SQL | Technology 

How Do I Learn To Code?

Coding forms the basis of cyberspace. It’s a 21st-century skill and the foundations of the fourth industrial revolution. Computer science continues to dominate the job field, and programming languages are the building blocks to designing solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. Learning to code is a lot like learning a language. It requires memorization, practice, and fluency building. You can start your journey for free right here at edX, and build that fluency into real-world innovations.

Where Do I Start to Learn Computer Coding? Coding for Beginners

Coding begins with a programming language. HTML and CSS are two very basics languages that along with JavaScript, makes up the foundation for nearly everything on the front-end of the internet. Other popular programming languages to help build applications include Python, C Programming and Java (and a host of others such as Ruby, Node.js, and Swift). On edX, Python, Java and C Programming courses are very popular. Choosing a beginning coding language depends a lot on what you want to build. Consider if you want to develop iOS or Android applications versus more significant web development for example,then begin with the most popular language within that framework.

Coding Classes

Online courses for coding are available from a variety of institutions. Coding courses build skills that allow you to develop applications and projects that solve problems (or just offer a lot of fun). Starting with free courses can be an excellent way to get your feet wet and figure out a few basics before committing to a particular track.

Computer Coding Courses and Certifications

Once you’ve made some decisions about your path, you can build your skills in both coding languages and programming skills through edX courses. Learning HTML basics through w3C or Python through the University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Microsoft and others can get you started. More advanced skills such as SQL and jQuery (both essential for data science applications) can build your career opportunities. Once you’ve got computer coding skills, you can take courses to apply those skills to lucrative fields such as data science. You can learn from cutting edge institutions such as MIT, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, and Harvard, as well as A-list organizations like IBM, Microsoft, w3c, and Linux.

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Personal review

If you are looking for a good app to learn coding , I suggest that edX is best . Since it is easy to operate and understand, furthermore in a period of a month or two you can learn any course for free. This is valid till the epidemic only, so why to waste time? Take your mobile phones or sit in front of your desktops and start learning something new.

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