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11 Steps Closer to Who You Want to Be: Bring the Change Within Yourself

Everything often changes because change is the law of nature and it’s necessary. It mostly changes with time and situations but it is somewhere dependent on other objects of this universe too, for instance, every human beings on this planet, the plants, the animals and so on. But their contribution in changing you is negligible.

We mostly try to change others, for example, we try to judge other’s opinions from our perspective, and we literally want them to listen us, understand our feelings, and want them to work according to our thoughts.

Instead of that why don’t we change ourselves?

Most of the people are stuck on the questions like, What is the correct way of changing ourselves?, Who can change me?, Can my family, friends and money have the ability to change me?

Well, no one can change you except you; yourself .

Just like the way your brain control your body systems, in the same way every action of you is guided by your thoughts. If you can change yourself, you can change your life; if you can change your thoughts, you can change your actions.

To sum up “The Biggest inhibitor to change lies within yourself “.

This article will discuss 11 points, which are crucial for ” the change”, along with some simple explanation.

1. Be Ambitious

Ambition is the first step to success, the second step is action. Having dreams is essential in achieving success, but you won’t reach your goal/target by only dreaming, you have to develop that will power which drags you towards your ambitions.

Be willing to sacrifice your pleasures, be willing to invest your time into your goals, be willing to miss to a night out with friends, and so on.

“A narrow focus bring big results”

You have to give your best, no matter how many times life knock you down.

Try to explore yourself, know what you want and never be afraid to take risks. Develop a right mindset and start working on your plan as soon as possible.

कल करे सो आज कर आज करे सो अब ||

2. Stop just dreaming, Start working hard

Dream is something which happens in your mind. Learn the difference between dream and ambition.

Ambitions are something you’re acting on, they need a right action to proceed further. You cannot buy your dream unless you have a right action towards it.

You dream, I dream, we all dream, but the one who acts unto dreams come true, that becomes successful. Create a specific goal achievement that you want to achieve. Move from short terms goals to long term goals.

“Dream bigger and reach higher”

Step out of your comfort zone, when we are comfortable and happy, we think that “everything is fine”, but that all means, if you are feeling comfort you aren’t growing.

Never be afraid to expand yourself, step out of your comfort zone and put yourself in uncomfortable zone. That’s where the real joy and the adventure lies.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

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3. Be Optimistic

An optimistic person thinks the best possible thing will happen, and always hopes for it even if it’s no likely. Let go off all the pessimistic thoughts from your mind, whatever has gone wrong, you must believe that this shall pass too very soon, you can get-up and must have to work hard to get yourself on the right track.

Don’t blame yourself of screwing up or not giving all of you into your work. That is all pointless and has no meaning, you can change that by trying again and giving your best next time.

To become optimistic you must remove the negative thoughts inside you. Use positive affirmations like “I can”, “I will”, “I must”. Surround yourself with positive people, avoid all negativity. And, don’t stay only at one point, change the views of thoughts.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right”

4. Avoid overthinking

Your mind is a magnet, what you think it (the brain) attracts that way.

if you think about happiness it (the brain) attracts happiness, if you think about sad things, it makes you sad and, so on this goes like this.

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there, it kills your ability to be happy. To avoid overthinking you must change your view towards the fear. Put things into different perspective, convert every negative thoughts into positive ones and choose optimistic thoughts.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

5. Smile

It costs nothing but creates much . Every body in the world is seeking happiness and there is one sure way to find it , that is by controlling your thoughts . You can change your mood by smiling and that’s true . Happiness does not depend on outward conditions but it all depends on inner conditions .

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”

This is the famous ancient Chinese proverb

One of the famous writer Dale Carnegie mentioned this proverb in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. He further states this “Your smile is a messenger of your good will. Your smiles brightens the lives of all who see it ,to someone who has seen a dozen people frown, scowl or turn their faces away, your smile is like a the sun breaking through the clouds. Especially when that someone is under pressure from his bosses, his customers, his teachers or parents or children, a smile can help him realize that all is not hopeless- that there is joy in the world.”

6. Impress yourself

It is human nature to impress other, we do everything first for others, but why not this time impress ourselves. After all, if we can’t affirm ourselves then how can we affirm others.

Acknowledge yourself first, a man who know himself well, his strength, weakness and ability is the one who proceed further, destructing all the objections in his path.

We all deserve happiness to the highest peak and that all starts by letting ourselves be impressed by the things we do on our own, at that time we expect not to be judge by others .

“Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone don’t be someone else just be yourself”

7. Utilize your time

If you are free then, it’s time to get busy. Take breaks, but not too long , don’t let your free times consume your working hours.

Know your priorities, draft your schedule (to do list) and know their importance.

Follow 10-90 days formula, guide yourself for 10 days straight to work as per your schedule, then it won’t take much time to accept your schedule as a habit. For next 90, or more, you will see yourself get through all those schedule.

Utilize your time instead of spend your time”

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8. Start Reading

Reading is one of the best hobby to work on. It is one of the best source to broaden your knowledge and increase your vocabulary. It not only helps to improve brain grow sharp, but also help in to develop critical thinking. And, if you are down, it can reduce your stress level.

If you want to improve your fluency in speaking then read, whenever possible. In this way you can become a well, conversationalist.

If you don’t have a habit, start from the basic like comics/graphics, it will help you to develop your interest. Then after this you can move towards a less heavy book like rom-com, actions/thriller. And as your interest arouse more , you will then would like to read more.

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I bet you will make a habit of reading books after following that article.

“Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices”

9. Be Self reliance

“Set your own course and take charge of your life”

Try to view everything as under your control, be the one to fix things on your own, when life doesn’t go as planned.

Never see yourself down, self trust is the first step to success. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one will, first be the power of your own. Accept responsibility but don’t be too quick to take action.

Love yourself, look after yourself, keep yourself healthy, stay fit as your health should be your first priority- workout on a regular basis and eat healthy most of the time .

“Throw down a challenge on yourself

10. Stop comparing

At worst , when we compare ourselves to other we end up bringing ourselves down. In reality this not only consume your time but also make you feel the loser. So, start accepting yourself, your flaws. Desire some greater things in life. Try to find your own inspiration, first look for yourself.

Instead of comparing yourself with others, try to compare with yourself to what you were yesterday, a week, or a month ago.

“Comparison is the death of joy”

11. Learn from failure

You may have experienced some down moments in your life that makes you feel like failure.

Instead of looking down on such moments, learn some valuable lessons from it; because they are not failures they are opportunities. Never give-up without even trying.

At least try and give your best, you will have satisfaction and peace in your mind.

“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything”


To conclude, inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive because when you’re positive, good things happen.

Thank you for reading this article,

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