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9 Books To Read If You Are Not A Reader

A lot of people don’t consider reading as a pleasure, they sometimes consider it as a burden. Inculcating the habit of reading is very important in one’s life. Reading will not only help you improve your vocabulary but will also be beneficial in improving your communication skills.

If you consider yourself as someone who hates reading or is not a reader then, here is a list of books that’ll help you build a reading habit.

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1. The Kite Runner– by Khaled Hosseini 

Khaled Hosseini is one of the best writers I’ve read, his way of writing is very beautiful and is pretty easy to understand. His books are a great choice to pick up for someone who isn’t very fond of reading.

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The Kite Runner is his first book which was published in 2003 and this story takes place in the 1970’s of Afghanistan. The story revolves around two teen aged boys named Amir and Hassan, both of them come from totally different background. Amir comes from a rich household whereas Hassan is a son of a servant. As Hassan comes from a poor background, he becomes a subject of ridicule and mockery, but he is very courageous and brave. Later as the story progresses, we get to read about a terrible incident that leads to the end of their friendship. The latter half of the book centers on Amir’s attempts to rescue Hassan’s son, who has been trapped in Afghanistan due to the Russian Invasion.

2. A Thousand Splendid Suns– by Khaled Hosseini

A thousand splendid suns was written by Khaled Hosseini in the year 2007. Just like his first book, this book is also based on the scenario of Afghanistan. The book is women- centric and has two female protagonists, Mariam and Leila. They both come from different generations but fate brings them together. We get to read about the struggles faced by Mariam and Leila, being women and living in a country where terror reigns supreme. This story also talks about how severe and really unpleasant changes take place as Taliban takes over Afghanistan and people start living in fear and starvation.

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This is one of those books where you feel sympathetic towards the characters in the story and can feel what they are going through even when you can’t relate to their lives.

3. Turtles All the Way Down– by John Green

John Green is very famous for the book, The Fault in Our Stars, which was also a very successful movie. His books will make a really good read for someone who isn’t a reader.

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Turtles All the Way Down is a story about Aza Holmes, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) and severe anxiety. Her life is normal on the surface, she has a stable life and supportive friends. But, it is her internal struggle that we read about in this book. There is also a mystery going on in the backdrop of the story. In general, this book talks about how a person deals with their mental illness and we also get to read about their struggles.

4. The Book Thief– Markus Zusak

The Book Thief is based in the Nazi Germany. This is a story where we read about a lot of compassion, friendship and love for books. The interesting part about the book is that it is narrated by death. The main protagonist in the book is Liesel Meminger, who has immense love for reading. This is a story that has sadness right from the outset.

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The way in which the story is narrated is very beautiful and even though death narrates the story and gives away what is going to happen, still there is suspense in the story.

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5. The Girl on the Train– by Paula Hawkins

If you are someone who likes crime/ thriller related content, then you should give this book a read. This book is full of suspense.

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The Girl on the Train is book about three women, Rachel, Anna and Megan, whose lives are intertwined. The story is a first- person narrative told from the point of view of these three women. Rachel is entangled in a missing person’s investigation which totally changes her life. As the story progresses, we discover a lot of things that will astonish you.

6. Morning, Noon & Night– by Sidney Sheldon

Morning, Noon & Night is a suspense and thriller based novel which revolves around the death of one of the wealthiest men in the world, Harry Stanford, which leads to a chain of events. As the story progresses, a beautiful women attends a family gathering following the mysterious death, claiming to be his long last child and stating her rights to share the tycoon’s estate.

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The plot of the story is very sharp and it will make a good read for someone who loves suspense and thriller.

bloggerboy audible books that speak to you

7. Norwegian Wood– by Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami’s style of writing comprises of contemporary Japan and journey of self- discovery, you may find his style of writing a bit difficult to understand in the beginning but as the story proceeds you will for sure get the hang of it. Norwegian Wood is a very good way to start reading Murakami’s work.

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The story of this book revolves around a character named Toru Watanabe, who recalls his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, passion, loss and desire. The other characters in the book are Naoko and Midori, the story also talks about their lives and how they are dealing with the losses that they have suffered in their lives. This book is more of  a love story, so if you want to get familiarized with Murakami’s work, then this should be a good start.

8. Only Time Will Tell– by Jeffrey Archer

Only Time Will Tell is the first book of the Clifton Chronicles. Clifton Chronicles is about Harry Clifton, who started his life in the backstreets of Bristol. This book is the introduction to all the happenings that take place in Harry’s life and as the story progresses he has to decide whether to take his place at Oxford, or join the fight against Hitler’s Germany.

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Jeffrey Archer has written this book in a very detailed manner, once you start reading the book it is very hard to put it down. The book will take you on an unforgettable journey and you’ll be compelled to read the other parts of the Clifton Chronicles.

9. The Alchemist– by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is about a shepherd named Santiago, who travels all the way from his homeland Spain to Egyptian desert in search of a treasure buried near the Pyramids. On his journey he meets a lot of people who guide him to the treasure, even though they have no idea what the treasure is or if Santiago will be able to surmount the obstacles. As a whole, the story teaches the importance of listening to our heart and the power of our dreams.

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The Alchemist is a self-help book that fills positivity in the reader, the major message conveyed by the book is NEVER LOSE HOPE. This book has inspired a lot of people all around the world. The best part about this book is, it’s simplicity.

Other than these books if you have any of your personal favourite books that you would like others to read, then do comment down below and let us know.

bloggerboy audible books that speak to you


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